360° P&C Program

The success of your business requires proper planning to face potential risks. Insurance experts at Tawuniya, the leading Saudi insurance company, will help you to identify, analyze and manage such risks and suggest appropriate insurance solutions. 360° Insurance Plan for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) provides you with all your insurance needs from one place. Dedicate to grow your business.. and leave us the responsibility to protect it.

360° P&C Important for beneficiaries

  • Covers risks related to your organization’s property, buildings, head offices and branches as well as health risks facing your employees while doing their job.
  • Covers liabilities of the owner and machinery-related risks, as well as risks that jeopardize money keeping and transport, and storage of goods and commodities in warehouses.
  • Meets the needs of all business sectors and provides suitable insurance coverage according to the commercial activities and the companies exercising such activities and its means, objectives and assets.
  • Provides insurance programs that target four main commercial sectors: hospitality, traders, manufacturers and contractors.
  • Each program includes main coverage and benefits available to the targeted sector and the limits of the compensation Tawuniya will be liable to make for each risk according to the terms and conditions included in the program.

360 P&C Covers and Benefits

Hospitality Program

Tawuniya’s hospitality coverage program supports companies in the hospitality sector e.g. hotels, residential units, hotel apartments and restaurants. The compensation will cover material losses in property due to fire, lightning, explosion, collapse, collision, damage or plane damage or explosion and crashes, tank flood and leakage, storms, tornados, theft, and armed robbery. It also covers funds and public responsibility of the insured due to incidental deaths and injuries of third parties or damage to their property caused by accidents related to the business or function of the insured.

Traders program

Commercial stores, retailers, and other commercial companies are mainly targeted by the trader program that provides the necessary protection for property against material losses due to fire, lightning, explosion, collapse, collision, plane damage or explosion and crashes, tank flood and leakage, storms, tornados, theft, armed robbery, floods, drowning, riots, strikes, theft, armed robbery, money losses in addition to securing goods’ transportation.

Manufacturer Program

Manufacturers of all materials will find the coverage and benefits they need in the manufacturer insurance program which helps protect their manufacturing places, property, and warehouses from fire, lightning, explosion, collapse, collision, plane damage or explosion and crashes, tank flood and leakage, storms, tornados, theft, armed robbery, floods, drowning, riots, strikes, theft, and armed robbery in addition to securing goods’ transportation and the public liability due their activity.

The contractor Program

The contractor insurance program is specially designed for engineering projects such as the construction of buildings, bridges and roads, etc. It offers comprehensive protection for the contractors, project owners and subcontractors against all risks including natural disasters such as floods, lightning and earthquakes with exception to the specifically excluded items. It also covers the public liability of the insured towards third parties and the insured liability as an employer for all damage and accidents caused by employees at work places and during work hours.

Easy Insurance Issuance Process

  • Select the program specified for your sector and complete and submit the application to Tawuniya enclosing the full details of the property, vehicles, employees, money, goods, commodities, equipment and warehouses to be covered.
  • The premium is determined according to the required insurance coverage.
  • Pay the premium by a deposit or bank transfer or through your credit card to obtain the policy.
  • The policy will be submitted to you including the coverage details, conditions and exceptions.
  • If necessary, Tawuniya’s team will examine your facility to assess risks and determine the premium amount and insurance conditions.
  • Coverage is available for SMEs throughout the validity period of the insurance policy which is one full year.
  • The customer shall be notified within a sufficient period of time before the policy expiry date to initiate the renewal process.

Quick Claim Process

  • Our compensation services benefit from a sophisticated IT system to process claims at all stages.
  • Tawuniya is fully connected to the systems of the relevant authorities to facilitate the transfer of data, claims and accident reports directly to the company reducing the time spent to process the claims.
  • As soon as we receive any completed claim, we are committed to settling it within the specified period of time.
  • Tawuniya will, at its own expenses, appoint examination experts and loss adjusters if necessary.
  • Tawuniya will fairly and transparently settle the amounts specified in the reports of governmental authorities according to the terms and conditions of the coverage.