360° Motor Insurance Plan for SME

The success of your business requires proper planning to face potential risks. Insurance experts at Tawuniya, the leading Saudi insurance company, will help you to identify, analyze and manage such risks and suggest appropriate insurance solutions. 360° Insurance Plan for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) provides you with all your insurance needs from one place. Dedicate to grow your business.. and leave us the responsibility to protect it.

The 360° motor plan crucial to your business

  • Decreases commercial losses resulting from vehicle stoppage due to an accident.
  • Prevents work plan disruption in case of driver’s arrest due to an accident, by issuing a bail bond (guarantee of payment).
  • Lowers the expenses that the organization might pay in case of compensation to third parties for costs of vehicles repair, or replacing damaged vehicles.
  • Helps organizations develop a more accurate financial plan because motor insurance installments are pre-determined.
  • Supports you in fulfilling your promises toward your customers because the insurance compensates you for the value of goods which are subject to damage or theft during transportation.
  • Helps in developing organizational investments and its business where you can invest your money instead of paying it, as an expense to third parties for an accident.
  • Increases the organization profit margin by reducing expenses allocated to vehicles involved in accidents.

Al-Shamel coverage

Basic Benefits

  1. Repair of damaged vehicles, due to accidents, either at a car agency / dealer’s shop, or at an authorized workshop.
  2. Pay the market value, or the insured value of the vehicle in the event of its total loss. Depreciation rate will be applied.
  3. Compensation for vehicle damage resulting from theft, fire, collision or turning over.
  4. Compensation up to a limit of SR 10 Million liabilities to third parties for bodily injuries or damages of their property resulting from the accident.
  5. Cost of transportation and towing of damaged vehicle to a safe place or to a repair workshop, with a maximum amount of 500 Riyals for light vehicles, and 750 Riyals for heavy vehicles.

Extensions Benefits

  1. Personal accident of driver and passengers (compensation up to SR 100,000 in the case of death, and 25,000 Riyals for medical expenses).
  2. Agency Repair.
  3. The geographical extension to cover the insured vehicle(s) outside Saudi Arabia is limited to Bahrain, GCC countries, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon.
  4. Coverage of transported goods by the insured vehicle in the event of their damage with a limit up to 10,000 Riyals as a result of a traffic accident.
  5. Insuring drivers ages 21-25.
  6. Damage of vehicle sustained as a result of hail storms and floods.

Al-Shamel Unique features

  • Immediate submission of vehicle’s insurance data to Traffic Administration System.
  • The depreciation clause is applied starting from the first year at a rate of 5% and a maximum of 30%.
  • Issue a renewal notice by SMS 45 days before the policy expiry date.
  • Discounts and exclusive offers on the products and services provided by Tawuniya Partners.
  • Wave the deduction if the third party is 100%responsible for the incident and full third party data is available.
  • Instant car repair order or payment of compensation by check.
  • Electronic services to manage your insurance policy at any time and from anywhere.

Sanad- Third Party Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

Basic Benefits

Compensation for liability toward third parties up to a maximum amount of SR10 Million for: ( Injuries, Deaths and damage of property caused by an accident of the insured vehicle)

Extensions Benefits

  • Personal accident coverage of the driver and passengers with a maximum compensation limit of SR 100,000 per person.
  • Compensation for vehicle damage resulting from natural disasters such as hail storms and floods due to heavy rain.

Sanad Unique Features

  • Immediate submission of vehicle’s insurance data to Traffic Administration System.
  • The insurance cover will not be limited to one driver, but it will cover all licensed drivers driving the insured vehicle.
  • Issuance of certificate of a financial guarantee approved by the General Department of Traffic to ensure that the driver involved in the accident will not be arrested.