THIRD PARTY PLUS – Private Motor

SANAD Private Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability Insurance Program

A program that covers third party legal liability resulting from motor accidents shouldered by the car owner or authorized driver according to the terms, conditions and exclusions set forth in the insurance policy.

SANAD cover includes :

  • Physical damage to third party
  • Physical damage to third party’s property

Cover Cost

In accordance with the terms and conditions contained in SANAD policy, compensation is effected throughout the duration of insurance policy against any damage to third party’s property, physical injury and death or any legal costs. The estimated maximum cover value is SR 10,000,000.

SANAD Program Cover

Liability towards Third Party

In the event of an accident occurring during the policy effective period, involving indemnity for third party liability under the terms of this Policy, the maximum limits of the Company’s liability in respect of bodily injury (including blood money and the sums estimated for injuries and medical expenses) and in respect of property damage shall not exceed SR 10,000,000 (Saudi Riyal ten million) per any one occurrence.

Additional covers

  1. Natural perils caused by hail and floods
  2. Personal Accident

Advantages SANAD Program

  • The insured is provided with an Insurance Card and Bail Bond approved by the Traffic Police together with SANAD Insurance Policy to prevent the arrest or detainment of the driver causing the accident.
  • The insurance covers all types of cars without specifying their type or model.
  • The expansion of insurance cover to include the accidents caused by the insured vehicle even if the driver is not present at the accident time.
  • All authorized family members can use the insurance policy for one car.
  • The age restriction can be extended to include the drivers less than 21 years old.