Comprehensive Private Motor Insurance (AL-SHAMEL) Program

A program for the provision of comprehensive insurance cover to the insured moor vehicle comprising liability towards third parties, loss or damage at private motor vehicles of the risk of accidents, theft and fire according to the terms, conditions and exclusions set forth in the insurance policy.

Cost of Al-Shamel Cover

The maximum cover of Al-Shamel insurance is determined by the value of the insured vehicle at the time of accident, in addition to the public liability towards third party affected by the incident. The maximum limit of the company liability is up to SR 10,000,000 in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in the insurance policy during its validity period.

Al-Shamel Basic Covers

1- Loss or Damage to the Insured Car

The company will either reimburse you against any accidental losses or damages to your insured car resulting from road accident, theft, fire or any other perils not specifically excluded from the policy. The company will pay the market value of the car at the time of accident, repair or replace the affected car, if necessary.

2- Liability to Third Parties

The owner of the car or its authorized driver involved in an accident may be asked to indemnify the third parties as a result of an accident caused by the insured car. Under the policy you are guaranteed up to SR 10,000,000 in total liabilities during the policy validity period for the physical and material damage.

3- Natural Disasters

This cover indemnifies you against the loss of or damage to your insured motor vehicle due to hail or flood caused by rains.

4- Emergency Medical Expenses

The comprehensive insurance covers the emergency medical expenses for the car driver or passenger, as a result of an incident in which the insured car is involved.

Additional Extensions of the Program

1- Personal Accident

This extension includes the personal injuries to the driver and passengers as a result of an incident in which the insured car is involved. It also includes medical expenses directly resulting from the accident.

2- Age Restriction Extension

You can expand the age of drivers to include drivers who are less than 25 years old and holding valid Driving License for the car meant by this extension by an additional contribution by the category of age selected.

3- Agency Repairs

Al-Shamel program can be extended to cover the performance of car repairs at the authorized agency against an additional contribution on the value of the cost of basic insurance.

4- Waiver of Depreciation Clause

The depreciation clause will not be applied on the compensation for total loss of the vehicle less than 12 months old against the payment of an additional contribution.

5- Hire Car Facility

Under this extension, the Company will reimburse the insured against actual expenses incurred for the hire of a replacement car until the affected car is repaired or settlement of the claim. The Company pays an equivalent of SR 100 a day according to the maximum limit agreed upon in the policy.

6- Geographical Extension

Al-Shamel program can be extended to include the damage to the insured car in respect of the accidents occurring outside the Kingdom, as well as the personal accident to the driver and passengers if they are covered by the additional extensions in the following countries:

  • Bahrain only.
  • GCC countries including Bahrain.
  • GCC, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Advantages of the program

  • It covers any accidental loss or damage caused to the insured car and is not limited to named risks only.
  • The insurance may cover losses arising out of the car’s exposure to theft, whether in whole or in part, in addition to the loss resulting from fire.
  • It does cover hail, flood and other convulsions of nature with the exemption of sand storms.
  • The company provided a country-wide network of approved workshops that will promptly and efficiently repair your insured card.
  • Exempting the insured from the deductible ratio if the responsibility of the third party for the accident reaches 100%.

Payment in installments

Now you can pay Al-Shamel insurance premium in installments at the price of cash .. as follows:

  1. Submit your Al-Shamel purchasing application insurance policy, new or renewal.
  2. The insurance premium shouldn’t be less than SR 1,500.
  3. Pay the premium by using your credit card issued by any of the partner banks listed below.
  4. Within 48 hours, notify your bank to convert Tawuniya payment to installments.
  5. Tawuniya will not activate this service if you didn’t call your bank in time.
  6. The premium will be on 12 month installments without additional fees and 0%benefit.
  7. You can benefit from this service by visiting one of our branches shown in the contact us section.

Banks involved in this service are:

  • Samba Bank
  • Riyadh Bank
  • Saudi Investment bank
  • Arab National Bank
  • Banque Saudi Fransi
  • Bank AlJazira