Comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance

The Company will indemnify the Contributor (Insured) against the accidental loss of or damage to any motor vehicle and its accessories whilst thereon, as described in the Policy Schedule in the following cases, unless specifically excluded in this Policy.

Basic Covers

  • by accidental collision or overturning
  • by fire, spontaneous ignition or lightning
  • by theft or any attempt thereat
  • by malicious act from others

Additional Covers

  1. Hire Car Facility Extension (for private vehicles category only):
  2. Personal Accidents Extension
  3. Age Restriction Extension
  4. Geographical Area Extension
  5. Natural Perils Extension
  6. Goods in transit Extension

Third party liabilities

In the event of an accident occurring during the policy effective period, involving indemnity for third party liability under the terms of this Policy, the maximum limits of the Company’s liability in respect of bodily injury (including blood money and the sums estimated for injuries and medical expenses) and in respect of property damage shall not exceed SR 10,000,000 (Saudi Riyal ten million) per any one occurrence.