Balsam is provided by Tawuniya, the leading Saudi insurance company with a proven track record in the management of medical insurance plans

  • Tawuniya Medical & Takaful insurance staff members are comprised mostly of medical doctors and professionals in the health industry
  • Provides an excellent heath care through a network includes more than 1,000 medical providers
  • Utilizes advanced information system for the provision of instant services with no administrative or financial obstacles

Balsam Cooperative health insurance

This plan includes all insurance covers, stipulations and limitations of the standard health insurance policy issued by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council within the framework of the Executive Regulations of the Cooperative Health Insurance Act. The cover provided includes the out-patient and in-patient expenses in a special or shared room and a maximum benefit limit of SR 500,000 per each person per policy year as well as delivery benefit, dental benefit up to SR 3,000 and hearing aids benefit. The insurance cover is also available outside Saudi Arabia in emergency cases during a leave or business trip up to 90 days. The beneficiary is required to obtain the prior approval of the company to the in-patient and out-patient expenses starting from SR 1,000 and above. A con-insurance (deductible) of 10%, 15% or 20% of the out-patient expenses is borne by the beneficiary.

Our Exclusive and Added-Value Services

In addition to benefits provided by the policy, Tawuniya also provides a number of exclusive and added value services that help you get the health care you deserve, these include:

  • Smart Helpline
  • Dawae Online Service
  • e-Services
  • Tawuniya Health Zone Program
  • Mobile Application
  • Worldwide Assistance
  • SMS Notifications
  • Tabibi
  • Health & Wellness
  • Instant and Temporary Eligibility Letter